Lift properties improved

Lift web framework uses a sophisticated file-based strategy for application properties, based on modes/hosts and file naming conventions. While very handy, this could be unpractical on a CI environment where typically one doesn’t want to mess with the filesystem (think CloudBees), and doesn’t want to store sensitive properties (such as user credentials) into SCM.

The problem is well known, and a few strategies exists. Continue reading “Lift properties improved”

Grails application with ws-client on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

If you happen to have a grails project to deploy on Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and your project depends on ws-client, you may experience a few issues, which I am documenting here.

Please note that there is nothing new here, as the information is already available on the Internet, and I am reposting here for ease of use. Continue reading “Grails application with ws-client on AWS Elastic Beanstalk”