Garmin Forerunner 225

I purchased the Forerunner 225 because of the wrist-based heart-rate monitor.
As a owner of a 410 (which I find often overkill, for my needs), I didn’t expect more.
I am surprised and delighted to learn that it includes an accelerometer as well. This means that you have, for free, cadence and stride length.

For a data geek, this means a lot of data to play with and, hopefully, some useful insights. More to come.


I have just published on github tiles.

When I was repairing home, I looked into different solutions for bathtub/floor tiles, choosing different colors. This led to a journey into graph coloring, looking for the best algorithm, and the above Maven project.

As of today, I have two tests:

  • Random colors: the color of each tile is randomly chosen
  • Welsh-Powell colored tiles: no adjacent tiles share the same color. Since this is a greedy algorithm, we end up with an unevenly distribution of tiles

Eventually, I will implement an in-between solution: no touching colors, but a better distribution.

Snapshot of a Bugzilla database

Bugzilla is not my preferred choice when choosing a bug/issue/incident tracking system : I found Jira (way) more powerful and flexible, even a the price of an increased complexity and learning curve (for the administrator).

Some times ago I worked on a bugzilla installation used mainly to track software development for a large, enterprise-level ERP.

One requirement was to display the status of the database at a particular time in the past (for reporting purposes), but Bugzilla doesn’t have such tool (it has other nice reports btw). Continue reading “Snapshot of a Bugzilla database”